Get Involved

We want to make sure that gets into the hands of those who could use it as quickly as possible and we’re looking for people to help spread the word.

If you’re currently in the areas affected by recent flooding, or you’re planning to be there soon, please sign up so we can speak with you further:


What we need

Outreach & Ambassadors

A digital product can only get us so far – in order for this tool to reach as many people as possible, we need to hit the ground and get the word out to both those offering help and those in need.

We’re looking for people to:

  • Distribute materials in areas affected by the flood,
  • Coordinate with organizations assisting flood victims,
  • Talk to homeowners and folks looking for services,
  • Provide materials to volunteer groups traveling to flood affected areas from New Orleans and other locations,
  • Handle other outreach efforts (all ideas welcome!)

If you can do some or all of the above, or have other ideas, please fill out the form above or let us know via email.

Please do not contact us directly about getting assistance. If you have a general question for our team, email [email protected].

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